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Padmavati Hills is a real estate project in Pune, Bavdhan that bespeak the ethos of Pune. The project is about the culture and the traditions of Pune that are committed to preserving them and passing them onto the next generations. It is a tribute to the priceless feeling of being Puneri at heart. It’s the Puneri Ghar always yearned for.

  • There are multiple projects within a one-mile radius, some of them ready possession and from reputed builders - which is a higher preference for today's buyer.
  • The lead acquisition cost was higher and competition on search was higher.
  • There was no differentiator across real estate products marketed in that location, which meant we had to create one.
Homes that are a tribute to Pune’s culture. Mann Puneri, Ghar Puneri

Our data analytics team was first tasked to understand the buyer profile. Using data from existing inquiries, data about past property registrations in the location, information from our previous search campaigns combined with the user behavior with our existing website; helped us zero down on a near perfect buyer profile. Basis this, the content team came up with a strategy to talk about Pune's culture and how the Padmavati homes were a tribute to this cultural legacy.

Once we had the content strategy in place, the creative team decided to work with on video with some of the prominent Marathi Film Actors. The video was heavily leveraged through digital channels and formed a major part of our engagement strategy. The media planning team and our data teams decided to leverage Facebook's Hyperlocal Targeting and Custom Lookalike audiences were created based on audience data available from our inquiries & previous bookings. Facebook's inherent advantage to drive social engagement within a community helped us reach & engage with the right audience and their social circle - influencers when you consider a real estate buying cycle.

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With this as the baseline, the content team came up with various ideas:

  • Using more localized content in Marathi, content that appealed to the buyer.
  • Leveraged a content format famous within the Puneri Community - Puneri Patya.
  • The team decided to rope in well known Marathi Film Actors to create a video talking primarily about the Pune Legacy and how it was an integral part of the project.
  • Content around other key features of Pune:
    • Famous food and food trends
    • Famous places
    • History & Pune's cultural legacy
  • Media Plan heavily shifted towards Facebook from Search and other custom media
    • Video was heavily used with precise hyper local targeting and lookalike audience - which ensured minimal wastage.
    • Emotional connect & virality helped us reach a larger audience bringing down the overall cost per acquisition.
    • Local language content also saw higher CTRs.
    • Targeting of Marathi Publications, Marathi FB Pages was enabled through Facebook.
    • Youtube was leveraged for remarketing.
    • Search was moved to minimal brand & product keyword presence.
  • Social contests also helped drive engagement during the campaign.
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  • Emotional & Localized content can help you drive more engagement and bring down overall cost of acquisition (especially for Real Estate).
  • Facebook is a perfect medium to create precise reach and to drive the necessary engagement - a very important factor in Real Estate Selling.
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