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Disney UTV
Disney UTV

Amura helps Disney UTV Indiagames usher in an era of digital gaming


Disney UTV Indiagames (formerly UTV Indiagames), founded in 1999, is primarily engaged in developing and publishing games across various platforms. It is India’s largest integrated game developer/publisher across the Internet, mobile and interactive television and has collaborated with several companies such as Fox, Disney, EA, Universal, Warner Brothers and Sony, amongst others.


The key objective of the campaign was to leverage digital media and increase awareness about the UTV Indiagames platform GoD, as well as to drive paid subscriptions over the next three months.


We used a combination of profile targeting, targeted communication and engagement strategies to achieve the end goal. A/B testing for the different landing pages to narrow down on the most effective communication, Ad communication in sync with the content on the landing pages, Category-wise targeting - targeted consumers with communication according to demographics and buyer profiles Ran a funnel analysis to check where the users are dropping off.

Analysis indicated that we were getting registrations which were not translating into software downloads, software downloads which were not resulting in game downloads and/or game downloads where users remained inactive over the next two days.

The same was addressed with a free trial offer campaign for 15 days to attract and engage subscribers. Email nurturing was used at every stage when users were dropping off. We also engaged existing subscribers and generated new ones with referral codes for free game time. The referral code could also be sent via Facebook.


Our campaign created a strong online presence for the UTV Indiagames GoD gaming platform. It also:

  • Achieved a reach of 5 million impressions.
  • Generated over 10,000 subscribers
  • Achieved a 10% increase in conversions from free to paid users

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