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Overcome B2B Marketing Challenges with A Top Lead Generation Company in India

B2B marketing has a myriad of challenges. These include generating valuable leads by targeting appropriate pool of audience, dealing with decision makers those who are reluctant to any change, and developing right set of RTB's for your buisness. Overcome these challenges with our proven B2B marketing strategies.

At Amura, we have industry-leading experience of 13+ years and dedicated B2B expertise. With a team of over 200 growth experts, we have been one of the most successful B2B lead-generation companies in India.

Impactful content marketing

Tailored B2B content & insights for
organic traffic growth.

B2B Lead Generation

Focused ABM approach to convert high-
value leads into clients.

ORD traffic emphasized

Targeted efforts to boost ORD Traffic
of your website.

Omnichannel Targeting

Our omnichannel, measurable approach
is built around your audience.

Our Growth Marketing Services

B2B Lead Generation

Get highly qualified leads with our tailored lead-generation solutions

Account-Based Marketing

Inverted funnel B2B strategy for prospecting, lead nurturing and remarketing.

Inbound Marketing

Long-term growth strategies to bring inbound leads and build lasting consumer relationships


Target potential customers and improve your marketing efforts with Search Engine Optimization and paid search advertising

Conversion optimisation

Customised marketing solutions for increased conversion rates and higher revenue.

Marketing Automation

Enhance your marketing efficiency with our cutting edge Martech tools

Amura’s ABM Services

Give your business an edge by targeting your best-fit accounts through customised communication and sales approach. Seamlessly align your marketing and sales teams, and boost engagement, ROI and revenue with our ABM expertise.


Lead Generation Approach

Amura’s ABM Services


A customized, omnichannel approach to incite prospects into taking action.


Understanding potential customers’ pain points and presenting a solution

Lead Conversion

Convert leads through effective collaboration & nurturing of potential clients


Positioning yourself as the solution to the pain points by focusing on key benefits, differentiators, and competencies


Identify your best-fit accounts by eliminating all the unqualified leads.


Accelerate the conversion process by targeting key decision-makers in the organisation.


Map and engage key decision-makers through customised communication and sales approach.


Create lasting client relationships that lead to more opportunities and revenue.

Amura’s ABM Services
  1. Awareness

    Introduce your brand digitally and target the global audience

  2. Engagement

    Understanding potential customers’ pain points and presenting a solution

  3. Consideration

    Positioning yourself as the solution to the pain points by focusing on key benefits, differentiators, and competencies

  4. Lead Conversion

    Convert leads through effective collaboration & nurturing of potential clients

Target your
high-priority clients
with ABM

91% of companies using ABM were able to increase their average deal. Be one of them with our specialised ABM approach.


Get the Amura Advantage

The Leading B2B Marketing Agency Specialising in Full-Funnel MarTech Solutions

Take your business to the next level of success with a MarTech partner who specializes in full-funnel marketing approach and understands your growing needs.

Case Study Image

Easy Scalability

Focus on core growth minus the associated costs holding you back

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Multi-Channel Approach

Accelerate marketing lead generation and strengthen your brand presence across platforms with our multi-channel targeting and channel-specific communication.

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Drive sustainable marketing growth and a higher ROI with our niche-specific media planning and strategic growth-targeted approach.

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Data-Driven Planning

Achieve your marketing goals with our data-driven marketing approach.


Our Growth Marketing Work

Read case studies to know how we applied our tech expertise and Growth Marketing analytics framework to deliver a custom growth plan for our client.

Case Study Image
IT Services & Consulting
Maximising brand awareness and lead velocity for a leading digital experience services provider
increase in the lead flow
reduction in CPLs
growth in lead

Leads from the C-Suite audience from companies like PayPal, IKEA, World Bank, etc.

Case Study Image
HRMS Platform
Generating brand awareness and high-intent leads for India’s 1st end-to-end blue-collar HRMS platform
increase in organic website traffic
increase in lead velocity
growth in
reduction in


Our Leadership Team

Vikram Kotnis

Managing Director

Vikram Kotnis

Comprehensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the US. Co-founded Mortgage Data Systems before moving back to India. Founded Amura with a vision to take marketing from being intuitive to data-driven.

Riddhi Gadhiya

Director - Marketing & Strategy

Riddhi Gadhiya

Worked with more than 500 clients and multiple B2C and B2B industries. Some of the key clients handled over time are Sun Pharma, Cipla, Glenmark, Novozymes. Have helped startups like Boldcare, Stayhappy to grow early in their business stages.

Supriya Kotnis

VP - Human Resources & Operations

Supriya Kotnis

Immense experience in the US working for Deloitte, Synopsis and tech startups. Consulted for companies like Kaiser Permanente, Visa, American Express & Ford. Experienced in managing large technology implementation process.

Sagar Jadhav

Director - Technology

Sagar Jadhav

With over 17 years of experience, he comes with Specializing in AI-driven solutions, he boosts operational efficiency and customer ROI. His innovative strategies have garnered industry accolades, driving significant growth and award-winning campaigns.

Janam Varandani

Director - Creative Solutions & Strategy

Janam Varandani

With over a decade in copywriting, design, social media, and digital storytelling, our Creative Director drives AI innovation at Amura Marketing Technologies. He delivers exceptional results across B2B, D2C, Pharma, Community Building, EV, and Manufacturing sectors.


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