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to your portfolio.

Be an Amura Digital Disruptor!

Have a penchant for strategising, coordinating and multi-tasking? Good with deadlines and getting
work done from other people? You’ll fit right into our Client Servicing and Social Media departments!

Social Media

Our social media team gives new meaning to the work “enthusiastic”. They’ve got to constantly come up with innovative ideas for social media campaigns, all the while balancing strategy, ORM and reporting, so enthusiasm and passion forms a core part of what they do!

To know more about life on the social media team,
Ask our Social Media Manager, Tabassum Ansari, any of the questions you’d like answered!



Our account managers, of course, are quite the backbone of our organisation, handling exciting brand names across verticals. They coordinate all the work between Amura and the clients as well as within Amura. Strategising, internal execution and maintaining client satisfaction are the mainstays of their day-to-day tasks. Think multi-tasking whizzes - you’ll always see them whizzing by!

To know more about life on the client servicing team, Watch the conversation with our Client Servicing Manager, Neha Tomar, any of the questions you’d like answered!