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Be an Amura Digital Disruptor!

Have a knack for turning vision into reality? Coming up with taglines or witty one-liners? Good with being creative under a schedule? You’ll fit right into our creative departments - copy and design!


Our copy team has a superhuman ability to churn out an insane amount of content in a day. They take care of content marketing, digital as well as print copy and essentially every word that goes out of Amura (emails not included). They love to work on new campaigns, innovative copy techniques and never say no to a good challenge. Think you’d fit in?



Our design team brings the word “imagination” as close to “reality” as it gets. They are masters of taking any brief and turning it into a work of art and love taking their design sensibilities to the next level with the latest innovation.

To know more about life on the design team,
Ask our Design Manager, Shaunak Vilekar, any of the questions you’d like answered!